Prepare for opportunity. Refresh and give new strength to your enterprise. Our consulting service, based on our Organisation Renewal methodology, will help you unlock and increase the value in your business. Many years of business and consulting success have given us the ability to affect positive change, even in highly challenging environments. Our global strategic view and personal attention guide each intervention. We strengthen results, addressing key organizational opportunities and issues while encouraging a confident and steady approach to creating value. We build capability and capacity, not dependency. 

Organisation Renewal

At least 50% of business results are directly related to organisational health. We help your organisation strengthen its performance, function more effectively, and increase its ability to adapt and renew.

You don’t have to rely solely on system and infrastructure investments to strengthen and grow your business. Working with your teams, we identify value enhancing opportunities and address underlying issues impeding more deeply satisfying results.

Realize the value existing in your organisation. We help you foster growth by identifying and fuelling the bright sparks of contribution and innovation that exist within your company.


Our team is comprised of industry veterans. Extensive experience, focused expertise, and perceptive eyes help you bring out the best in your team and emphasize your organisation’s offering. We start with a conversation about what is unique organisation.

Defining practices in our Organisation Renewal approach include:
  • small dedicated team of senior consultants (typically 2-3)
  • pragmatic focus: increasing commercial and organizational value
  • high ROI
  • collaborative approach recognizing in-house expertise
  • pace and intensity adapted to the client organization
  • internal capability building, supported by tool kits and job aids.
Our service is designed for client organisations who are:

Seeking to prepare for and achieve the next level in their growth and development, and those striving to meet current expectations. We help you respond more quickly and effectively to mounting internal and external challenges. Organization Renewal provides a high-return complement or alternative to traditional improvement investments, including changes or upgrades in staff, systems, infrastructure, etc.


We provide our services to you in a variety of flexible formats, including:


Respecting your existing priorities and workloads, we plan and work with representatives of your organisation to deliver an initial assessment, including:

  • a priority canvas identifying key opportunities and issues impacting the ability of the business to perform and function effectively;
  • recommendations for action, sequenced by feasibility and results, and enabled by the expertise and local knowledge of your staff,
  • an initial work plan and timeline permitting implementation to begin, guided either by us or by your internal resources when sufficient Renewal capability and capacity exists.


Based on the assessment, the client organization may decide to initiate a Renewal programme to address company-specific opportunities & issues:
  • general outcomes are i) strengthened performance, ii) healthier functioning, and iii) increased adaptability to meet external and internal challenges;
  • the three factors above are major organizational contributors to improving both business results and shared value for stakeholders.

Renewal programmes are designed to be scalable, iterative, and generally take place in 3 Phases, for example:

Phase 1
  • guided by our Renewal specialists, working with your Leadership team;
  • engages the organisation to address initially identified opportunities and issues;
  • starts to strengthen the foundations for increasing value.
Phase 2
  • led by a guiding coalition, with support of Renewal specialists;
  • builds on initial progress and learning from Phase 1;
  • addresses more challenging, higher-leverage opportunities and selected, more deeply rooted issues;
  • increases momentum;
  • expands renewal capability development.
Phase 3
  • led by Guiding Coalition & Local Leaders, supported by Specialists;
  • provides increased attention to cross-functional and local factors;
  • further ingrains a higher performance, shared value culture;
  • completes the prioritized initiatives and objectives;
  • hands the programme over to now capable internal specialists to continue renewal as/when required.


Research shows that:
  • up to 80% of the business value recognized by financial markets is attributable to cash flow expectations beyond the next three years.

Effective Renewal is a key means to increase short, mid and longer-term success. It is also an ongoing requirement, not a one-time event. Our objective is to leave client organizations with the internal capability to continue renewal work on their own. However, some organizations may choose to bring our senior Specialists back for several reasons, including:

  • Health checks: audits and assessments provide useful feed-back and guidance for those responsible for ongoing internal renewal;
  • Refreshers & Updates: existing and new staff benefit from reviewing previous content and learning new research-based practices.

 StratAffect Organisational Renewal can be augmented by the services of our specialised facilitation team. StratAffect Facilitation delivers customised learning programmes and tools targeted at specific, business-critical organisational capabilities.