Equip your team with our customized facilitation designs. Meet your exact knowledge transfer needs with individual facilitation programmes. Train your facilitators to increase the power of your in-house team. Prepare for innovation, transition, or expansion with our targeted facilitation projects that combine high level strategic consulting with thoughtful learning experiences.

Facilitation programmes

Transfer knowledge and inspire implementation according to your needs. We work with you to design a programme for your facilitators. They transfer the knowledge to your team. Our custom facilitation programmes are:

  • Based on established andragogy standards
  • Use tested methodology
  • Optimized for speed, retention and adoption
  • Focused on group learning dynamics

Facilitation training

Knowledge transfer is an ability that can be fostered and developed; refine the facilitation techniques of your team. With our facilitation training programs we can help your facilitators excel, proving out a better ROI on your in house taught programmes. Our train-the-trainer programmes are:

  • Customised to the facilitators
  • Based on established andragogy standards
  • Use tested methodology
  • Reflect your organisation’s culture

Targeted Facilitation

Some specific conditions require in-depth and very customised facilitation. We help organisations manage highly charged, sensitive situations through a unique combination of facilitation and high level strategic consulting. We take a global view of the challenge at hand to design facilitation projects that help prepare your team to achieve goals.

Fuel your own disruptive innovations and motivate your team to pursue possibilities. With our Alignment Conversations© model, StratAffect helps you realise opportunities in a fast paced business landscape.

Our unique innovation solutions are characterised by:

  • Empowering in-house talent, capitalising on existing knowledge
  • Removing organisational obstacles
  • Building processes to foster and support innovation
  • Consistently engaging all stakeholders, from facilitation design to wrap-up
  • Delivering valuable innovation and ROI

Build a mind-set in your organisation for rewarding transitions. Whether you need to update operations, processes or business systems our Designed Transitions Program© provides a strategic balance of guidance for your leadership and team training. Grounded in hands-on research and experience from around the world, we deliver custom facilitation projects to enhance your organisation’s capabilities during a transition.

Our Designed Transitions Program© is characterised by:

  • A tested platform of transition processes
  • Holistic team engagement
  • Building in-house alignment, capability and capacity
  • Focusing on knowledge transfer protocols
  • Ensuring internal sustainability to avoid external dependency

Set a platform for high performance and sustainable innovation. Some of the most critical success factors in business start-up and expansions are clear strategy, vision and guiding principles. Our Leadership Focus© process helps leadership teams design and achieve an integrated organization; fostering initiative and valuing integrity. Our Alignment Conversations© minimise internal disruption and ensure goal achievement. Our custom facilitation projects during an expansion focus on:

  • Building an easily scalable performance platform
  • Streamlining organisational processes
  • Holistic team engagement
  • Fostering sustainable innovation within the organisation
  • Flexible strategy development