Entrepreneurial Excellence

The statistics are daunting. Almost 50% of new businesses fail in first three years. Be the 1 in 12 that ultimately succeeds. Getting the right mix of product differentiation and market segmentation is only the start. Think strategically regarding the challenge of scaling smoothly from a start-up, to small, to medium-sized business. Our Entrepreneurial Excellence© program ensures a seamless transition from individual/small team to a collaborative group. A blend of our facilitated programs and our mentorship services, this 10-week program helps you gain the skills you need to lay a solid foundation for your company as it grows.

This program has 4 sessions:

Accelerators for Enduring Companies

  • Using the Alignment Conversations©
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation

The product, people, and customer balance

  • Business Models – the new (disruptive) landscape
  • Scalable, just-in-time planning
  • Morphing your plan: adapt and innovate
  • Preparing for Just In Time Scaling©

Go-To-Market Strategy & Tactics

  • Defining your customer segment
  • Testing your product against markets: The Create–Assess–Adapt© loop
  • Customer relationship discovery & development
  • Building your team

Data driven feedback loops

  • The 5 Step Innovation Model©: Product Innovation and validation
  • Scaling for Innovation
  • Gathering Customer insight
  • Getting past start-up / Transition planning for lower-stress expansion