Serious Games for Diversity Appreciation [May 12th / 14:00]

By 03/04/2016
  • 12/05/2016
    13:00 - 16:00

Ever wonder if there is a better way to approach the sensitive topics associated with Diversity and Inclusion? Join Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS on Diversity Day, Luxembourg for a Serious Games for Diversity Appreciation workshop. Come learn to anchor key messages and facilitate conversation around touchy topics with activities keyed to specific diversity and inclusion elements. In this 3- hour workshop you will learn to:

  1. Choose appropriate Serious Game activities to suit your message
  2. Modify a Serious Game to suit your audience (size / type) and location (e.g.: on-site or remote)
  3. Create a brand new Serious Game and anchoring messages using easy to find materials

This workshop is designed for people with basic presentation skills and/or a general knowledge of diversity; for example, HR professionals, Diversity Committee members, managers or others interested in honing their presentation skills and injecting energy and interest into their presentations while helping their colleagues learn about the benefits of diversity. Participants will receive:

    • Guidelines for using Serious Games successfully
    • Outlines of a variety of serious games
    • A template to use when creating a Serious Game
    • Serious Game Connector (which pairs Diversity Topics to Serious Games)

Why Serious Games?

Build a safe platform of discovery in your organisation. Serious Games and content Neutral Facilitation techniques, take the focus of individual people and puts it on the issue or challenge. Participants become so engaged in the game that they ‘forget’ the mask they hold to the world. Serious Games help participants:

  • Deal with and discuss sensitive topics in a more objective and rationale manner
  • Reflect on their true feelings, opinion, beliefs, etc. in a safe and accepting environment
  • Have fun while learning about themselves and others
  • Remember key messages that are anchored to physical movement or memorable moment

Studies show that focusing on, and following through on effective Diversity Management, can increase your financial success by up to 35%. Make it easier for your team to devise and adopt supportive diversity and inclusion behaviours.


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