Sales Savvy

As Peter Drucker said “The purpose of the organization, and everyone in it, is to create and keep a good customer”. This begins with setting your team up to apply this strategy successfully.

Refocus on the relevant elements and eliminate the need for the hard sell. Follow 6 one day sessions to help your organisation think strategically about the customer experience. Improve your understanding of current sales practices and use the Alignment Conversations© to drive innovation and sales success through relationship selling.

A minimum of 10 participants is required for general registration. Contact us for a free consultation to design your in-house programs.

This program has 6 sessions:

Innovation is built on a solid foundation of customer and market knowledge. This modules reviews sales basics and provides a platform for improved customer with your collaboration. During the session, participants develop their plans using real-time data and information.

  • Why people buy
  • Mechanics of selling
  • Prospecting: sales funnel vs sales net
  • The new sales pipeline, targets & goals
  • The new conversation: Sales Alignment
  • Sales research & needs assessments
  • Standardized sales procedures
  • Documentation & templates; scripts & presentations; sales logs & feedback capture 
The customer experience begins before you even meet. This module helps you understand the importance of the Alignment Conversations© and anchor 7 positive, collaborative practices for connecting with your prospects and mining their needs for new and innovative ways to excel.

  • Create a positive selling environment with words & phrases
  • Practice body language to enhance your interaction
  • Prepare to prevent objections
  • Handle / meet objections
  • Gain commitment
  • Create the ‘PPP fit’
  • Find & handle the ‘pain’ threshold
  • Benefit from the golden rules of selling
Defining and understanding your market segments is one of the fundamental steps in creating a scalable business. This session assists you in understanding and capitalizing on your potential markets.

  • Segment your markets
  • Differentiate based upon segment
  • Create the competitive points list
  • Track important customer / segment information
  • Use TAP to win sales
Defining your unique ability, product or feature can be daunting but is essential to setting your company apart. Using a series of simple exercises, we help you pin point your uniqueness and tailor it to your customer segments.

  • Build customer knowledge
  • Map customer experience(s)
  • Leverage emotional drivers
  • Develop your creative brief
  • Perceived competitive advantage
  • Create your Unique Value, and Selling, Proposition
  • Use the Alignment Conversation© to leverage segment knowledge 
It is not enough to defining a scalable but realistic marketing plan. Understanding integration points and creating a pipeline for innovation can stand between success and failure. Use our 5 Step Innovation Model to create a Sales & Marketing approach that will change the way your whole organization looks at sales.

  • Create goals: short-, mid- & long-term
  • Understand the buying process
  • Understand your customers
  • Understand sales types
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • 5 Step Innovation & Align© Model
Whether you are selling a product, service or concept for your business, in person or remotely, this modules allows you to define, tailor and craft your presentation for maximum impact.

  • Leverage features, values, benefits
  • Create the elevator speech
  • Craft cold call scripts
  • Build networking pitch
  • Develop trial closes
  • Fashion qualifying questions
  • Control & manage objections