Thank you for your interest in our research. This page contains all the vital links for people who wish to support our knowledge development (the Listener Experience of storytelling). Before you participate in the research, feel free to read the blog post:  Create Your Story – For Telling and Changing Behaviour with Storytelling

All research participants are asked to:

Want to help us even more?

  • Listen to the same video a few more time in the following months
  • Each time you listen to the video, answer the survey The Listener Experience, Part 2 a few weeks later


  • Listen to a different video and follow the steps above

Here are the links to the videos

Your Email

In this study, we are recording change in behaviour and attitudes. This means we must be able to follow and determine change in specific individuals. We will not use your email address to spam you. We will however, if you agree, send  you periodic reminders, via our newsletter, to watch the video again. We will also post any updates on the research in the newsletter.