Lisa Francis-Jennings

Managing Partner

Lisa has over 20 years of experience assisting clients in realizing their goals. Specializing in Organizational Transformation and Knowledge Transfer she leads change management initiatives, designs training and knowledge acquisition programs, and creates effective and sustainable interventions. She holds a joint MSc (Oxford & HEC), and certificates from institutions including the Rotman Institute for International Business and the Canadian Training and Development Group. Her ability to recognize the essential qualities of a situation, and her unique talent of connecting disparate pieces of information, defines her creative business solutions. More…


Rick Wolfe
Kitchen Table Conversations Creator

Rick Wolfe is the Founder and Owner of PostStone; a boutique consulting firm providing customer facing business development methodologies and tools for organisations of all sizes. Rick’s services are designed to deliver rapid strategic insight into customer relationships and deliver immediate business development opportunities and performance improvements. Whether looking for new customer insight or to confirm strategic direction, Rick’s methods produce quick and effective solutions.