Join Dana Moldoveanu and Lisa Francis-Jennings for a Diversity Appreciation Train-the-Trainer. It covers enough information for you as your organisation’s internal trainer(s) to present either three 45-minute stand-alone workshops, one 90-minute or a two-hour workshop on Diversity. This Train-the-Trainer is designed for people with basic presentation skills and/or a general knowledge of diversity; for example, HR professionals, Diversity Committee members, managers or others interested in honing their presentation skills or helping their colleagues learn about the benefits of diversity.

Participants will learn to facilitate 3 different Diversity Appreciation Modules, by receiving:

  • 4 hours of training, including:
    • Tips and trick of master facilitators
    • Benefits of diversity facilitation tips
    • Practice presentation exercises
    • Summary of diversity appreciation modules
  • Train-the-Trainer material, including:
    • A template slide pack (contains facts & figures about diversity and key messages)
    • adult learning activity descriptions / guidelines designed to increase awareness around the benefits, challenges and/or barriers to leveraging diversity
    • instruction/scripting notes
    • design notes, presentation and handout templates
  • feedback regarding:
    • practice presentations
    • design customization for their specific audiences

The three initial Diversity Appreciation Train-the-Trainer topics are:

  1. Diversity and Performance
  2. Proactive Diversity Management
  3. Overcoming Barriers to Diversity

We add other packages regularly. Packages can be purchased following your attendance at the workshop and include a non-branded slide pack, presenter’s notes, Key messages, handout material, and serious games. Our additional topics include

  • Making diversity work:
    • Current studies indicate strongly that ‘forced or mandated’ diversity programs can actually create a larger divide. This workshop can be used to educate management and staff regarding positive diversity measures
  • Overcoming unconscious bias:
    • How can we deal with something that we don’t see in ourselves, or sometimes in others? This workshop gives you the opportunity to help you to raise awreness, and your participants to recognize and overcome unconscious bias. Start the conversation today.
  • Talking gender preference
    • Do you have people who are uncomfortable talking about gender preferences? Sometimes it’s because they don’t know the language. This course covers the basics of gender preference language and allows participants to practice having conversations about choice.
  • Respect in the workplace
    • Increasing awareness regarding positive workplace interaction can open whole new perspectives – and opportunities. Work with your participants to develop interaction guidelines and principles that work in your environment.
  • Removing harassment
    • Harassment can be so subtle that the person being harassed is left with an elusive, but uncomfortable feeling that something is not right, while the harasser leaves the interaction totally oblivious of what they have done. Teach your participants to identify and communicate effectively about harassment – before reports are filed.
  • Communicating across genders
    • We are different! Rather than expecting everyone to follow one interaction norm, explore difference and engage your participants in building an understanding of positive and productive interaction.
  • Communicating across generations
    • We do think in different ways and are driven by different motivators! Explore generational differences and engage your participants in building an understanding of positive and productive work from all your staff.

Why a Train-the-Trainer?

Normally, an external facilitator will charge 500 to 750 Euro for one 90-minute workshop. By investing in a Train-the-Trainer for your staff, you;

  • Build in-house ‘presentation skills bench-strength’
  • acquire unlimited use of the presentation and material
  • can use the skills acquired and material provided in the TtT to develop and present Diversity Appreciation workshops throughout the year
  • increase visibility of and buy-in for Diversity

Studies show that focusing on, and following through on effective Diversity Management, can increase your financial success by up to 35%. The operative work is effective!!

Sign up now: Contact  to obtain dates for the next workshops, or if you would like us to provide on-site training or to run a Diversity Appreciation workshop for your organization.

A 10% discount is available for companies that register 3 or more people in the Train-the-Trainer course (they do not have to attend the same class.)

Ref: Diversity Day