When working in teams, it is important to understand similarities and differences between team members. As you consider what skills you bring to the table, consider how they dovetail or support other skills in the team to achieve its goals.  

One way to do this is to identify your top three (3) skills/competencies that can be leveraged as a value-add to your team. Take time to explain your selections to your teammates. For a team to be effective it should have different skills as well as overlaps between team members.  


Leadership & Innovation

  • Communicate clearly
  • Set & execute goals
  • Connect with people
  • Evaluate situation & guide people
  • Improve continuously
  • Generate new & original ideas
  • Project self-confidence

Create Understanding

  • Clarify expectations
  • Provide specific examples
  • Create feedback loops
  • Link ideas/concepts to current situation
  • Understand people
  • Listen empathetically
  • Be consistent

Organisational Integration

  • Optimize opportunities
  • Detect synergy & co-operation points
  • Optimize process/people mix
  • Identify potential synergies
  • Encourage cooperation points
  • Follow processes/procedures

Strategic Mindset

  • Think in perspective
  • Benchmark processes
  • Plan, test & modify strategy
  • Measure change/improvement
  • Share astute insights
  • Generate ideas/strategies/insight


Problem Solving

  • Adapt to changing situations
  • Observe interaction of processes / people
  • Identify & analyze critical elements
  • Gather feedback
  • Control emotions
  • Resolve conflict
  • Look for answers / focus on facts

Produce Results

  • Identify critical elements for success
  • Seize opportunities / Take action
  • Course-correct
  • Make correct decisions
  • Work as a team
  • Pay attention to details
  • Verify assumptions/results

Manage Change

  • Take a digital attitude/approach
  • Be flexible / consider possibilities
  • Thrive in ambiguous environments
  • Acquire new knowledge & skills
  • Apply existing competencies differently in new situations
  • Hold a positive mindset
  • Set & follow goals/objectives

Communicate Ideas

  • Convince people
  • Question/explore ideas of others
  • Empower the team
  • Make a good first impression

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